Thursday, November 29, 2012

"Malaysian Fans~" They said~

During the TGS UStream broadcast at 2012-11-10 something really unexpected happened. I was feeling kind of down that day because I'm really short of money and I could not go to Singapore to watch BABYMETAL at AFA. Furthermore I missed the chance to meet Endou Mai who also came to Singapore for a single day to co-MC IENOMI with TM Revolution from Singapore. While feeling all messed up and everything, my internet was really slow that when I watched the TGS UST I had no visual at all, it was only sound but then something really awesome happened.

It just so happened that a friend of mine asked about how to get the handsign in UST channel in English and suddenly the staff of TGS replied to him in English too. Seeing the reaction everyone started to as a little bit of question in English to the staff too. When people realized this, a lot of the foreign fans started to comment in English too and by the anyone realized it, it was swarmed with English already. Fans from Malaysia, France, Philipine, Singapore and many others were have a real good time that day. Then suddenly the staff replied to my friend's request because he wanted to see Miyu (since the camera was static and only Hitomi, Yuri and Mei was on camera) and he made the girl say hi to us Malaysian fans

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