Monday, December 3, 2012

Idoling!!! and Randomness

One of the really big charms of idoling!!! definitely has to be the random factor that they have. I believe this is the only idol group that has been talking so much to each other about which one of them is an orthodox idol or not. Everyone just have their own quirks that made keeping up with the show is such a joy. The TV show is already at episode 940 now! I have watched nearly every single one of them and still I find this group enjoyable. The group has such a colourful cast of members, the divas, the jokers, the quiet ones, the bizzare ones and simply the annoying ones but then again once they are all together it's all good. The staff of the show is just as if not more random than the girls too. I have to tip my hat off to the staff for always venturing into ideas that you don't normally go to nearly all the time.

An Idol show is normally very similar. A lot of beautiful girls, a funny MC and they play games/ experience doing something and go through some punishment game. The games played are normally very common among Japanese Variety show, and you can basically find them anywhere on the TV.

Idoling!!! staff always go ahead with bizzare ideas. An episode on the girls kicking the Assistant Director, an episode on the girls learning to Capoeira, an episode of girls riding a unicycle while avoiding the staffs which are sleeping on the floor, catching eels and a whole lot more bizzareness. It really keeps the show fresh and makes it always exciting to catch the next upcoming episode. Of course there are time when it is quite obvious that they are just recycling old segments a few times but the moment that idea block is over, Idoling!!! simply shines. For this reason alone, I won't be dropping this group anytime soon. No other idol group has a better teamwork between the Idol and the staff compared to this one IMO. It's so random that it is refreshing.

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