Monday, May 7, 2012

The little victories - Idoling Youtube Channel

I know that this has been pretty late to post about it but it deserve its own post anyways.

FujiTV has finally move out into the streaming channels already and with it Idoling is given their own Youtube channel to spread the love all around the world. A few years back, the international fans has been making a move to request for a more open access to Idoling!!! but we never heard of any news of it for a long time. Idoling!!! show is just different from the other idols because of On Demand. Sometimes the majority of fun lies in the On Demand segment, in fact Asahi is probably the Queen of On Demand, poor Asahi fans if they can't watch the On Demand version of it. However for as long as FujiTV not giving access to On Demand to the foreigners we're still deprived from it. But I guess opening up old episodes and new series of daily & weekly Idoling!!! is pretty cool. The Daily Idoling!!! is short and sweet (uploaded on the weekdays) the weekly is... well Idoling!!! can go really random. It'll be much much easier to promote idoling now that there is this channel because some idol fans are fans of "songs", so PV would do great to promote to them.

All in all it all still comes down to one more problem about Idoling!!!, language barrier. While it true that their songs are getting much better now, still the real charm of the group is the TV show. For as long as people are not trying to watch their TV show / no subs by FujiTV (which I think... is a really far fetched dream) Growing idoling fanbase oversea will be quite slow.

The rate of the show being released is really fast, unlike other groups which usually have 1 show per week, this one is 5 per 2 weeks.

I only hope I had more time to sit down and commit to subbing.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Idoling!!! 826

-Its been ages since I did an update, been really really busy lately. Will try to score 827 as fast as I can because next week is another superbly busy week =_=