Monday, October 31, 2011

Momoiro Clover Z - Roudou Sanka

Are you feeling down with work? Do you feel like a slave to your boss? Do you think that it is killing you? Don't worry! MomoKuro Z totally understands you! So go ahead blast off this song and get the stress blown away XD

damn this PV is spot on funny and entertaining.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tokyo Girls Styles - Liar

TGS just released their latest PV and it is really worth checking it out. I'm not so into the single Yuri scene inside the choreography, but you got to give a hat off to the person who directed the PV it is beautiful. The art direction for TGS PV lately, namely Limited Addiction and Liar has been really clean and made use of some really brilliant lighting IMO. AVEX just have the money to burn. TGS is such an interesting group, because they are basically more of an artist lately but they are sold as an idol. Which is really contradicting but yet acceptable for some reason. Their songs are not meant for wotageis, there is no normal idol beat for you to PPPH or Romance and as far as I can see it, the best is probably FuriMane only. But yet their appeal is good enough to get a good amount of crowd. And yes, Ayano is drop dead cool in this PV. All in all, great PV, the song is okay but I like the change from very Ayano heavy in Limited Addiction into a more balance distribution of lines.

Ballad Week day 5 - AKB48 Yuuhi wo Miteiruka

Next up is AKB's Yuuhi wo Miteiruka. It was the song that made me stuck with AKB for a about a year. My introduction with AKB was with Skirt Hirari and I find it repulsive at that time, because they were all still very small at that time and swinging your skirt madly like that didn't look like the best course of action at all. But after a while I was introduced to this one and it was instant love. I wonder do AKB still have songs like this now? Haven't been listening to them for a while already.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Ballad Week Day 4 - 9Nine Hikari no Kage

It is ballad week day 4, today it is 9nine. This song is sung by the old 9nine, right before the new lineup been established. At first, I was only finding for their PV just for fun because I was just finished watching Hanjuku Girl SoraAmi Hour with Chapon and Moe in it but this PV kind of stood out because the PV is really pretty and plus the song is not that bad at all. But right after that Moe graduated from 9nine and now we have the new lineup.

But for now, to celebrate to the lost Idol, Miura Moe.

Perfume - Spice

Perfume latest PV is out, SPICE. While the PV is really pretty it is kind of lacking a bit for me. Can't really put it into words yet but oh well..

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ballad Week Day 3 : Berryz Koubou - Natsu Remember You

It is ballad week day 3 and today it is Berryz Koubou's Natsu Remember You. I have no idea how this song got stuck in my head because truth be told at 2006 Berryz had quite a cringy vocals. Sometimes they do hurt your ear even if they were protected by fanboy-ism. But even after all that this song came through to me as probably the most played ballad in my tracklist ever. So I guess that has to count for something XD

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ballad Week Day-2 : Morning Musume - Koe

You can't go Ballad Week without MM's Koe~ Honestly speaking when I was still very into Momusu I didn't realized this song exist at all, it was all thanks to Hello Pro Hour that Niigaki sang solo that I became totally engrossed with the song even until today. And I was not even a Niigaki fan at that time XD (well I'm still not her fan though, my bro loves her so I stay away)

It is a pretty different take than Omoi no Uta though, still it is a gem nonetheless

Ballad Week - Omoi no Uta

Yeah it might be a bit late to start off a themed week but who cares, as long as it involves 7 days it can be considered a week right?

I've always been a fan of Ballad Idol songs for some reason. While all those upbeat songs are crazily addictived, but balad is always the one that will stay in my playlist. And to start of the week, it is Idoling!!!'s Omoi no Uta~

The song has in many ways blow my minds away. First, Rumi is such an amazing singer. 2nd, Amimi on the keyboard (the 4th live was even better with Endou on the arrangement) 3rd, the melody is just so sad... Makes a really good combo for me to come back to the song again and again. When I just started off with Idoling!!! it was pretty hard to get into their songs as the earlier songs are not that particularly impressive to begin with but this song has somewhat hooked me in. This and of course Shokugyou Idol, simply because the lyric is just whacked out.

Anyways enjoy today's song. Omoi No Uta by Idoling!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Idoling!!! 784 and my ISP

here we go~

Idoling!!! 784

I'm done with the translation pretty early but no real time to time it. Work is getting a little bit on the edge as the year is ending. And my ISP isn't helping at all, totally ruins all my motivation by depriving me from downloading anything at all by constantly disconnecting all day.... Thanks to a kind soul that mirrored the dl links for 799 I could finally watch it but then as of today it is already 803 and no Shinahachi in between. Man that's a whole load of stuff to cover...

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Momoiro Clover Z new single

I'm pretty depressed lately because my internet has been really screwing up lately. I still haven't got my 799 and 800 episode in my PC yet. It feels so bad but when I was surfing around I found something to lighten the mood up

I mean like... what? A salary man cosplay? Using the tie as colour coding? That's pretty brilliant. Was laughing pretty hard when I saw this.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Morning Musume - Ame no Furanai Hoshi de wa Aisenai Darou

Though most wota are known for the love for the upbeat songs, I'm more into the idol ballads. Which is one of the reason why I was attracted to AKB48 at one stage (Yuuhi wo miteiruka was so beautiful) and also another reason that contributed to me leaving AKB48.  My list of favorite ballad goes a long way I guess. But there is always a special place for this song.

20th subtitle for idoling!!!

I mean like.. WHOOOO!!!!!!!!

I normally loses interest in doing something really fast, but this time around I managed to do 20 episodes of goodies. Although I still have a few more that I have already done but those were translated back in the days when both my English and Japanese were horrible. They really require proper treatment before being put online. Maybe one day all of them will be place online.

I seriously hope that with this more fans are able to enjoy Idoling!!! as much as I do. I know that not all fans are into Idoling!!! for their talk show, because there are people out there that honestly like Idoling!!! for their songs and members only but I do believe that turning a blind eye towards their TV show is pretty much a big mistake. Because they excel so well there. Hopefully this project will go on and on until I can't cope up anymore.


      Allow me to celebrate with Umeko's wink

Idoling!!! 797 subs

Idoling!!! 797Soft Sub

Alright 797 is done. So far I'm up-to-date with the latest Idoling!!! (in a way). I've decided to drop One Piece and Hexagon episode though. There is only so much that a single person can do. Maybe I'll revisit it some other time, but even so I think that I'd rather go back to other more epic older episodes. Anyways I'm happy because I'm back on track. Yippe~

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hyadain "ヒャダインのじょーじょーゆーじょーで" PV

Hayami Akari!!!!
I mean like...
It's Akarin!!!

The PV has been around for quite sometime, who cares about the fact that it is 100% being sung by Hyadain (even the female part). Not only we get to see Akarin back, she is looking really fine in the PV too. Makes your heart happy don't it?

Topping Girls

Saw a performance of this new group called Topping Girls through one of the Japanese Idolinger's live stream today. Seems that they are produced by the Porushe guy that was promoting Perfume and 9Nine so I tried giving them a listen to. The songs are okay, nothing really bad nor good. Overall they are just decent.... that was until I saw their pic in HQ. The stream was really low in resolution so I had no idea but the costume ranges at a pretty extreme level. From decent to really nosebleed.

Either way, nothing really fancy about this group so far. Might watch them again sometime but for now that's about it.

Topping Girls~

Idoling!!! 488 D-D-D-D-DISCO IDOLING!!!

Idoling!!! 488 Disco Idoling

Oh yeah, old project revived for a quick filler before I get to work on newer episodes. 797. I'm coming for you tomorrow~

Idoling!!! 795

Idoling!!! 795 Soft Sub

Yeah I'm pretty much getting my tempo for subbing back up again. Hopefully I can keep this up and at least cover 2 episodes per week. Which would mean 2 episodes on the weekends~ wheeee~

Monday, October 3, 2011

Tokyo Girls Style - Limited Addiction

I've been on this song for quite sometime and it still manages to hook me up. At first I didn't really have much expectation on TGS because the first song from them that I heard was "Ganbatte Itsudatte Shinjiteru" and it wasn't so striking. Plus it is a group from AVEX, not really a company that I would look for when it comes to Idols.

However when TIF last year was held, the song Himawari to Hoshizuku was really catchy plus the girls were doing the Locking as part of their dance. That was pretty awesome. Then last year I managed to catch them live at one of the Shimokita FM live and I was quite taken by them then.

But this year when Limited Addiction was released, I was pretty much blown away. Konishi Ayano is an extremely good singer... for an Idol. Listening to the song is such a pleasure. I'm having my eyes on this group too now. Very interesting.

Chapon - 9nine

I'm a big fan of girls who are really good in talking on TV. When I first saw Perfume at Music Fighter I immediately fell in love with A~chan in a flash and when I was watching Hanjuku Girls - Sora Ami Hour episode 2, the same thing happened again when I saw Chapon for the first time.

Took me quite a while though to realize that she is A~chan's little sister. Though they both look pretty similar to each other but Chapon don't really have that thick Hiroshima accent and she is a lot less eccentric as compared to her sister.

Nevertheless giving her a mic is never a bad move, the girl can carry herself pretty well and in a group like 9Nine where everyone else is an actress/models this girl stands out like mad. All in all she is a fun girl to follow and it gets even crazier when you mix her up with Idoling!!! #16 Kikuchi Ami.

Idoling!!! 600

Idoling!!! 600 Idoling Awards!!!

This was an old unpublished subbing project. Releasing it while waiting for me to finish the other episodes.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Idoling!!! 787

Idoling!!! 787 Soft Sub

Done with 787. Took me long enough to get this done. I was working on the 2 episodes before this but such coincidence came to me that I didn't save them and accidentally restarted my PC. I mean like that is the noobest thing to do ever. I'll just work on them some other time.

Kuwata Keisuke - LOVE Machine

I didn't really have the time to wota-ing around lately however I did bump into something really interesting

I thought that I've really seen Kuwata Keisuke singing LOVE Machine at his best but who'd have guess he'd even sing it during a live. That's just freaking awesome.

+1000 for idol rock awesomeness