Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ballad Week - Omoi no Uta

Yeah it might be a bit late to start off a themed week but who cares, as long as it involves 7 days it can be considered a week right?

I've always been a fan of Ballad Idol songs for some reason. While all those upbeat songs are crazily addictived, but balad is always the one that will stay in my playlist. And to start of the week, it is Idoling!!!'s Omoi no Uta~

The song has in many ways blow my minds away. First, Rumi is such an amazing singer. 2nd, Amimi on the keyboard (the 4th live was even better with Endou on the arrangement) 3rd, the melody is just so sad... Makes a really good combo for me to come back to the song again and again. When I just started off with Idoling!!! it was pretty hard to get into their songs as the earlier songs are not that particularly impressive to begin with but this song has somewhat hooked me in. This and of course Shokugyou Idol, simply because the lyric is just whacked out.

Anyways enjoy today's song. Omoi No Uta by Idoling!!!

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