Monday, October 3, 2011

Chapon - 9nine

I'm a big fan of girls who are really good in talking on TV. When I first saw Perfume at Music Fighter I immediately fell in love with A~chan in a flash and when I was watching Hanjuku Girls - Sora Ami Hour episode 2, the same thing happened again when I saw Chapon for the first time.

Took me quite a while though to realize that she is A~chan's little sister. Though they both look pretty similar to each other but Chapon don't really have that thick Hiroshima accent and she is a lot less eccentric as compared to her sister.

Nevertheless giving her a mic is never a bad move, the girl can carry herself pretty well and in a group like 9Nine where everyone else is an actress/models this girl stands out like mad. All in all she is a fun girl to follow and it gets even crazier when you mix her up with Idoling!!! #16 Kikuchi Ami.

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