Saturday, December 29, 2012

Friday, December 28, 2012

Japan Trip 2012 Report #2 : TGS Live in Budoukan

TGS Concert Report

While I still remember how was the show, I had be write this down don't I? lol. Like I have mentioned before I personally do not really like the sound system over at Budoukan. I don't know what is the professional term to describe the sound since I'm not an audiophile but what I would have to say is that the instruments are quite loud and the clarity of the sound isn't really there. The sound kind of buzzy or breaks.. I've no idea how to describe this. Anyways, it kind of kills the girls' vocals a little bit. Their vocals wasn't so clear and was kind of clouded by the instrumentals a bit. I find this quite a disappointment since the last time I heard them at Singapore they sounded a whole lot better. Plus the Base Ball Bear event, everyone just sounded brilliant, I had tears in my eyes.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Japan Trip 2012 Report #1 : TGS Live in Budoukan

So I arrived in Japan on the 21st December at 2345, after rushing to get my accommodation all in order it was really exciting to think that, after I woke up the next day, I'll be heading to Budoukan.

On the 22nd morning it was raining and it really freaked me out, since that is like my first ever rain + winter combo in my life (I'm from Malaysia, so I'm not used to Winter).  So I grabbed an umbrella and head to Akiba to meet up with my friend, Hatix. The plan for the day was to meetup with another friend, Tokosilent at Budoukan at around 14:00 so I went to meet up with Hatix at Akiba around noon. We went to Shoshen and I bought a few magazines (BOMB and BLT u-17).Since we had some free time, we went to @home cafe first, being a customary tradition to do when we reach Japan. When we... Naah, I'll write a different report for @home visit XD

So at about 1300 we made our move to Kudanshita station, and reached Budoukan at about 1320. The concert starts at 18:00 but the goods are on sale starting from 12:00. So by far, we're pretty late already. It was still raining when we reached Budoukan and we saw many people walking to the opposite direction that we're going while carrying TGS Budoukan bag. I figured they might have bought all the goods already and just heading home until the concert starts. So me and Hatix just went to the goods area and saw the long line for goods. Honestly speaking, long line in Japan is nothing new to me already, but this is the first with everyone holding an umbrella. I have quite a lot to buy in my list and that includes what a few friends asked me to get for them.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Kaorin is back~

Hayano Kaoru (早乃香織) a.k.a Kaorin is back in the singing industry! No more MC-ing and doing radio show only for her now, its back to business.  Since today is her birthday, she's starting her blog once again (it was taken down earlier this year, to make her debut a secret I guess) and made her first post today.

To those who are not familiar with Kaorin

She was an ex-AKB48 member from team K and graduated from the group. During that time she's probably the smartest girl in the group academically, judging from the various surveys done in the AKB48 guidebook released then. Initially, she was the one that dragged me into AKB48 fandom and for a while I was stuck with the group thanks to her. She's quite witty, a little bit shy and awkward and a huge otaku to boot. Seems to be a huge fan of Evangelion as well. She graduated from the group for some unmentioned reason and was happily pursuing job as assistant MC on various events and radio show. Now she's back in the idol industry again. So starting from today I'll be translating her blog as well, now that it has really gotten into track again ^^

Below is the preview PV of her 2nd single, Betelgeuse Beat

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Umeko on ASCII

I'm sure that not many people saw this coming but Umeko is getting featured in the weekly ASCII this week. Well it's kind of exciting because she hardly appears for shots like this alone, afterall she's not really the prettiest girl in the group nor a girl whom one would easily fall to. I really like the fact that they made her cosplay a whole bunch of theme and it ranged from Goth Loli to just tradition kimono and looking and her facial expression in each picture is entertaining (lol). Well let's just say she's not much of a model... and imitating Serina for the GothLoli costume is just freaking brilliant hahaha

Monday, December 3, 2012

Idoling!!! and Randomness

One of the really big charms of idoling!!! definitely has to be the random factor that they have. I believe this is the only idol group that has been talking so much to each other about which one of them is an orthodox idol or not. Everyone just have their own quirks that made keeping up with the show is such a joy. The TV show is already at episode 940 now! I have watched nearly every single one of them and still I find this group enjoyable. The group has such a colourful cast of members, the divas, the jokers, the quiet ones, the bizzare ones and simply the annoying ones but then again once they are all together it's all good. The staff of the show is just as if not more random than the girls too. I have to tip my hat off to the staff for always venturing into ideas that you don't normally go to nearly all the time.

An Idol show is normally very similar. A lot of beautiful girls, a funny MC and they play games/ experience doing something and go through some punishment game. The games played are normally very common among Japanese Variety show, and you can basically find them anywhere on the TV.

Idoling!!! staff always go ahead with bizzare ideas. An episode on the girls kicking the Assistant Director, an episode on the girls learning to Capoeira, an episode of girls riding a unicycle while avoiding the staffs which are sleeping on the floor, catching eels and a whole lot more bizzareness. It really keeps the show fresh and makes it always exciting to catch the next upcoming episode. Of course there are time when it is quite obvious that they are just recycling old segments a few times but the moment that idea block is over, Idoling!!! simply shines. For this reason alone, I won't be dropping this group anytime soon. No other idol group has a better teamwork between the Idol and the staff compared to this one IMO. It's so random that it is refreshing.