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Japan Trip 2012 Report #2 : TGS Live in Budoukan

TGS Concert Report

While I still remember how was the show, I had be write this down don't I? lol. Like I have mentioned before I personally do not really like the sound system over at Budoukan. I don't know what is the professional term to describe the sound since I'm not an audiophile but what I would have to say is that the instruments are quite loud and the clarity of the sound isn't really there. The sound kind of buzzy or breaks.. I've no idea how to describe this. Anyways, it kind of kills the girls' vocals a little bit. Their vocals wasn't so clear and was kind of clouded by the instrumentals a bit. I find this quite a disappointment since the last time I heard them at Singapore they sounded a whole lot better. Plus the Base Ball Bear event, everyone just sounded brilliant, I had tears in my eyes.

01. Limited addiction -Unlimited addiction Mirrorball Royal Mix-

So yeah they started it of with Limited Addiction, Mirrorball Royal Mix. Love the choice, since the live band just comes alive all of a sudden and the music was pretty enchanting. Just too bad, as I've written above about the sound, it could've been better. Anyways, Here we see the girls coming out with the White version of Bad Flower kind of costume, they all looked really great in those. About the song itself, since this is my first time hearing this live, its pretty awesome.

02. Discord

Aah Discord, due to some really bad internet connection I haven't really been able to watch the performance of this. So it was my first time looking at the choreography. The song goes without a doubt a really cool song, not much of a vocal point here so it was a really awesome song that day despite the sound system. I have to say the dance is nice, a lot of attention to the members while performing and the ending is just new. The girls just fall flat on the floor by the end of the song.

03. LolitA?Strawberry in summer

And right from lying flat from the floor they just jumped up and started with LolitA?. I've had my shares of LolitA? from the Singapore live and having the live band supporting the girls while singing LolitA? just makes the whole song better. It was also the first time to watch them performing with a costume that they can flash their tummy~ XD. Mei's solo was great! Heard them before at Singapore but sure is getting better now

04. Bad Flower

 Yeah! Like hell yeah! Live Bad Flower is AWESOME! I'm not sure whether they fixed the audio by this song or I'm getting used to the sound or I'm just high but Bad Flower sounded just great. They don't really have to go really high pitch or something so it sounded perfect.

05. Sparkle

This is my first time watching the performance of Sparkle. During one of the interview in the History of TGS clip that I watched they did mention about how Sparkle has a really aggresive dance. I had no idea it is THAT aggresive. The song itself was nice, but the dance was really the main show.  I was really impressed.

06. Futarikiri

The first new song of the day. Its quite a slow song, not really a ballad I guess. I'm in love with it very much. First of all the choreography is nice and dynamic. TGS has the tendency to quite use the same move across their choreography a lot,  but this one is fresh and plus the repetition of "I, I, I, I" and "You, You, You, You," just keeps ringing in my head even after the concert ends. Personally I'm very pleased with this song and can't wait for it to be released.

07. WMAD

WMAD~ nothing much to be said about this, its a good song to pick the pace up right after Futarikiri. It was awesome to see the fan's furimane though, I had no idea you need to jump so much during this song (lol). 

08. Rock you!

I've seen the Rock You! perf at Hibiya YaOn, the opening was pretty cool and the Yubi Matsuri Rock You! Just looked superb. Budoukan's Rock You! didn't lose out to both of the previous version too. Of course there are no pop-ups this time to launch Hii-chan up but the opening was like the Yubi Matsuri version, where they delayed the opening to highlight each and every member. Being able to scream the "Ichi! Ni! San!" with all the other fans over in Budoukan is just awesome. This song really made my day.

09. Tsuki to Sayonara

Our 2nd new song for the day.  Now it was quite surprising that they suddenly brought chairs to the center of the stage. The song itself was quite slow paced, but the dance was pretty sexy stuff. Neither the song nor the dance is really much to my liking but it was only my first listen to it and maybe I'm just too influenced by the dance (lol)

10. Limited Addiction

A 2nd Limited Addiction! Woot! You just can't have enough of this song. It's basically Limited Addiction, is, has, and always be ever good. Nothing much to describe.

11. Kodou no Himitsu

For some reason I couldn't really remember what happened during this song (lol) but it sounded good as usual. I don't really remember myself complaining about it (nor does it have anything extra special to make it memorable either)

12. Kirari

 Kirari was awesome~! <3 I guess they did tune the sound system a bit because the solo lines during Kirari was quite memorable. The hall looked awesome with all the penlight doing Furimane to Kirari~ that was quite a sight to be burned inside your memory.

13. Kitto Wasurenai,,,

Kitto Wasurenai, I was too busy copying the dance move~ ahahaha. I really love the choreography of the chorus and the song itself is great too. Yeah like really, the only thing I remembered is me enjoying the choreography ahahaha.

14. Yakusoku

Last new song for the day. Yakusoku is an awesome ballad! Everyone had a good share of  solo parts and they all sounded great. Probably my favorite song out of the 3 new songs performed today. Oh and they also appeared in a red dress for this song.

15. Himawari to Hoshikuzu

Well you just can't go wrong with this song. Awesome as always.

16. Overnight Sensation

So before this song started, Aachan asked everyone to follow the dance during the chorus and jump along. It's a lot of fun but it was quite confusing at first but as the song goes on it got really exciting. On the song itself, its one of the better song cover for TRF next to Idoling!!! and Dream5.

17. Liar

During liar, everything started off as normal. Everyone was riding on the waves of excitement and when the part where they usually take off their tutus, this time around they open up the zippers on their dress or something and it suddenly became all pinkish. That was pretty exciting.

18. Onnaji Kimochi

I guess this is TGS's Love Machine. Energy from all the fans was just off the CHARTS!!!!

19. Ganbatte Itsudatte Shinjiteru

Nothing much to describe because it is another staple good song. Just this time I just realized how loud we were at Singapore (lol) I mean like, everyone was so not used to TGS's chantings/live that we were like super loud during this whole song. hahaha, sorry for all the noise and trouble...

20. Yuuyake Hanabi

Awesome ballad! The band also just made it even better.


21. Tsuioku

This is my first time listening to Tsuioku live, this is pretty memorable. Everyone's singing just shows their improvement this time around. They may not have super singer like Idoling!!!'s Endou Mai but this group sure can hold their own ground when it comes to singing ballads for sure. I mean like all the 3 new songs are almost a ballad I guess, and they all sounded good too. If this is really the result of the 2 months break that they took, I must say the result is pretty impressive. When I was there at their live in Nakano Sun Plaza, I love their ballads but it didn't really leave much impression to me vocally. This time around it just did, job well done girls!

22. Attack Hyper Beat Pop

Personally I was hoping for Sayonara, Arigatou because it's my favorite TGS song ever but to close the show with this song is pretty hyper too. Knowing that this is the last song, everyone went super hyper and was dancing to it like mad (lol) Did I mention how awesome it is to scream Gommennasai!!!! alongside with everyone else?

Overall, this show alone made my trip to Japan worth the money already. If there's anything about TGS is that I really love their music. Well of course I love the girls too, but the main attraction for me would be their songs. They have awesome ballads and the new direction that they take from Limited Addiction onwards are just so nice. I'll talk about MCZ and Idoling!!! later in my other reports, but for now I just have to say, comparing this to last year's Nakano Sun Plaza, this is just exhilarating. I enjoyed every moment of it.

Originally I canceled my plan to go to Japan this year due to financial problems, but this live is one of the two main reason why I did my best to still come to Japan despite only visiting for 5 days. I got to say, everything was worth it. I'm glad I came.

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