Monday, September 12, 2011

1st rite to being a wota

Memorizing the girl's name.

How did you guys start with your first group? I started of with Morning Musume's Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari

Yeah I started with this

Learning their name is actually one of the more memorable part of being a wota I believe. Especially when you're like searching for the one that you like. When I started off with Idoling!!! I was really into Hii-chan/Fonchi since both of them are bad ass. But after a while Umeko has totally blew my brain apart with her antique and now I'm a devoted fan.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Aibon, attempt for suicide

Aibon Tried To Kill Herself

Though I stopped caring for news on Aibon anymore but seeing news like this is just sad. She was like the first idol that I start to follow, I still remember a friend of mine bought me an Aibon bromide from kinokuniya at that time and it was like my treasure for years. Now to see her to fall to this level is just painful to read.

People still loves her, she should realize that. I'm hoping all the best for her, and fast recovery. Physically and also psychologically.

The only thing that is worth dying for, is a good life.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


I was in the middle of translating Idoling!!! # 784

I had like 19 minutes of translation done

I accidentally shut down my PC

I did not save my translation file

I'm sad

A friend of mine pass me this youtube link, and wow it totally blew me away. Apart from the obvious PASSPO members in the show, we have Kikkawa Yuu and Hayami Akari too! Judging from the trailer this might just be some simple JK story just like Swing Girls but with such lineup of idols I definitely would not want to miss this one.

I'm just wondering the lack of Momoiro Clover, since cheerleading is like their 1st nature already. but I guess its about the age factor.

Looking forward to this

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Heart Attack... almost

A few minutes ago, I was just chatting around while reading forums on a few idol groups then a twitter message came in

" kawamura12yui
アメブロ: とりあえず、卒業。 #idoling"
"In the end, I'll just graduate"
I mean like... WHAT? I was only yesterday that I talk about this whole graduation parade that I have been having for quite sometime throughout my times of getting involved with idol groups and suddenly this came. Upon reading the blog post, I was able to let out the sigh of relief very quickly... She was just considering of graduating from her current style and interest, well she's pretty much a grown up now after all. Though I would definitely prefer the childish and unpredictable Umeko any day, but this beats the other definition of "graduation" altogether.

C-ute's Sekaiichi Happy no Onna no Ko

Something is really weird going on with H!P. I guess they can never stick to one theme for every group that they have. I really thought that C-ute°is going to be the more matured group compared to Berryz Koubou but I guess that's not definite. With Berryz getting that pajama PV and C-ute°with Shugo Chara-esque PV now.

I don't really like the song for now, maybe after a few more listen. I don't know, I still prefer C-ute'ss Massara Blue Jeans more than anything that they have ever released. This new song is not that catchy, well at least not catchy enough to make me remember a certain part of the song.

But that's just me

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Jinx

It has been quite some years that I got myself involved into a wota life. If there's anything really significant about these whole time would be my cursed jinx that I have when it comes to being a fan to any idol at all.

For some reason, there is like... I don't know, 70% possibility of chance that any idol that I like would either graduate or quite the whole showbiz altogether. It is kind of funny, because the list just keeps on growing longer and longer and ever newer group that I got attached to sometimes would be struck by this too.

Here's some list, chronologically :
H!P Wota era :
Konno Asami

AKB48 era
Hayano Kaoru
Saeki Mika
Ono Erena

Present time
Hayami Akari ( Momoiro Clover)
JunJun (MM)
Miura Moe (9nine)

I was pretty much traumatized with AKB due to the long list of graduates of my oshiimen that I stopped with AKB altogether, but a few days back I was kind of interested in NMB48, since they are from Osaka and all that jazz and Yoshida Akari is pretty cool. Then this happened :
Akari to suspend all her activities
I mean like what? I was just started to grow some interest and then that happened. 48 trauma mode turned back on in a flash.

It didn't stop at just idols though, I was like totally into maid cafe last year and there is this maid that was really cool and stuff. So I signed up for the fan club, get all the goods and do all your what-a-fan-should-do-and-buy ritual and 3 months after that she quitted her job.

This is also the reason why I'm so into Idoling!!! it is the only group that is immune to my jinx! Been a fan for about 2 years now and is having a blast~

Currently I'm pretty interested in MM's 9th gen Ikuta Erina. But the fear... oooooooh..... to indulge or not to indulge... I've no idea whether I'm just unlucky or just talented in finding girls that would graduate.

@home's Anzu

I think it has been a while since Anzu posted anything at her blog. Not only she is back blogging, she is also keeping up with the English.


Personally speaking, I'm kind of split whether to pursue heavily with @home cafe maids due to some reasons. However if Anzu keeps on blogging in English like this, I guess going back "home" later this year would be something to really look forward to I think

bump.y_-_Kiss!_ _Talk_(HEY!_HEY!_HEY!_Music_Champ_-_2011.08.08)

bump.y_-_Kiss!_ _Talk_(HEY!_HEY!_HEY!_Music_Champ_-_2011.08.08)

updated v1.5

subbed this show for a friend. Sorry that it took ages, since I was prioritizing Idoling!!! more XD.

Just a few rant about this show :

1. Man.... Miyatake Matsuri is just sooooooooooo adorable
2. Sakuraba Manami looked great when she is spooked out too.

All those kissing scenes are meh but Downtown's tsukkomi are just awesome, especially the "get to your overtime already!" That was really funny. So far, I'm not much of a fan for bump.y's song however their appearance on TV show are pretty amusing. But it is only because of Matsuri kept getting picked on nearly all the MCs from every TV show. Her older sister is so quiet and the rest of the group is kind of the same too. But visually this group is ace.

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