Tuesday, September 6, 2011

bump.y_-_Kiss!_ _Talk_(HEY!_HEY!_HEY!_Music_Champ_-_2011.08.08)

bump.y_-_Kiss!_ _Talk_(HEY!_HEY!_HEY!_Music_Champ_-_2011.08.08)

updated v1.5

subbed this show for a friend. Sorry that it took ages, since I was prioritizing Idoling!!! more XD.

Just a few rant about this show :

1. Man.... Miyatake Matsuri is just sooooooooooo adorable
2. Sakuraba Manami looked great when she is spooked out too.

All those kissing scenes are meh but Downtown's tsukkomi are just awesome, especially the "get to your overtime already!" That was really funny. So far, I'm not much of a fan for bump.y's song however their appearance on TV show are pretty amusing. But it is only because of Matsuri kept getting picked on nearly all the MCs from every TV show. Her older sister is so quiet and the rest of the group is kind of the same too. But visually this group is ace.

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