Wednesday, September 7, 2011

C-ute's Sekaiichi Happy no Onna no Ko

Something is really weird going on with H!P. I guess they can never stick to one theme for every group that they have. I really thought that C-ute°is going to be the more matured group compared to Berryz Koubou but I guess that's not definite. With Berryz getting that pajama PV and C-ute°with Shugo Chara-esque PV now.

I don't really like the song for now, maybe after a few more listen. I don't know, I still prefer C-ute'ss Massara Blue Jeans more than anything that they have ever released. This new song is not that catchy, well at least not catchy enough to make me remember a certain part of the song.

But that's just me

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