Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Jinx

It has been quite some years that I got myself involved into a wota life. If there's anything really significant about these whole time would be my cursed jinx that I have when it comes to being a fan to any idol at all.

For some reason, there is like... I don't know, 70% possibility of chance that any idol that I like would either graduate or quite the whole showbiz altogether. It is kind of funny, because the list just keeps on growing longer and longer and ever newer group that I got attached to sometimes would be struck by this too.

Here's some list, chronologically :
H!P Wota era :
Konno Asami

AKB48 era
Hayano Kaoru
Saeki Mika
Ono Erena

Present time
Hayami Akari ( Momoiro Clover)
JunJun (MM)
Miura Moe (9nine)

I was pretty much traumatized with AKB due to the long list of graduates of my oshiimen that I stopped with AKB altogether, but a few days back I was kind of interested in NMB48, since they are from Osaka and all that jazz and Yoshida Akari is pretty cool. Then this happened :
Akari to suspend all her activities
I mean like what? I was just started to grow some interest and then that happened. 48 trauma mode turned back on in a flash.

It didn't stop at just idols though, I was like totally into maid cafe last year and there is this maid that was really cool and stuff. So I signed up for the fan club, get all the goods and do all your what-a-fan-should-do-and-buy ritual and 3 months after that she quitted her job.

This is also the reason why I'm so into Idoling!!! it is the only group that is immune to my jinx! Been a fan for about 2 years now and is having a blast~

Currently I'm pretty interested in MM's 9th gen Ikuta Erina. But the fear... oooooooh..... to indulge or not to indulge... I've no idea whether I'm just unlucky or just talented in finding girls that would graduate.

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