Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Heart Attack... almost

A few minutes ago, I was just chatting around while reading forums on a few idol groups then a twitter message came in

" kawamura12yui
アメブロ: とりあえず、卒業。 #idoling"
"In the end, I'll just graduate"
I mean like... WHAT? I was only yesterday that I talk about this whole graduation parade that I have been having for quite sometime throughout my times of getting involved with idol groups and suddenly this came. Upon reading the blog post, I was able to let out the sigh of relief very quickly... She was just considering of graduating from her current style and interest, well she's pretty much a grown up now after all. Though I would definitely prefer the childish and unpredictable Umeko any day, but this beats the other definition of "graduation" altogether.

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