Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Japan Trip 2012 Report #1 : TGS Live in Budoukan

So I arrived in Japan on the 21st December at 2345, after rushing to get my accommodation all in order it was really exciting to think that, after I woke up the next day, I'll be heading to Budoukan.

On the 22nd morning it was raining and it really freaked me out, since that is like my first ever rain + winter combo in my life (I'm from Malaysia, so I'm not used to Winter).  So I grabbed an umbrella and head to Akiba to meet up with my friend, Hatix. The plan for the day was to meetup with another friend, Tokosilent at Budoukan at around 14:00 so I went to meet up with Hatix at Akiba around noon. We went to Shoshen and I bought a few magazines (BOMB and BLT u-17).Since we had some free time, we went to @home cafe first, being a customary tradition to do when we reach Japan. When we... Naah, I'll write a different report for @home visit XD

So at about 1300 we made our move to Kudanshita station, and reached Budoukan at about 1320. The concert starts at 18:00 but the goods are on sale starting from 12:00. So by far, we're pretty late already. It was still raining when we reached Budoukan and we saw many people walking to the opposite direction that we're going while carrying TGS Budoukan bag. I figured they might have bought all the goods already and just heading home until the concert starts. So me and Hatix just went to the goods area and saw the long line for goods. Honestly speaking, long line in Japan is nothing new to me already, but this is the first with everyone holding an umbrella. I have quite a lot to buy in my list and that includes what a few friends asked me to get for them.

So I lined up and saw the Weekly Calendar to be separated from the normal goods line, which kind of confuses me. So I just went to the Calendar booth to buy one. Unfortunately, the girl was trying to explain to me something that I really have no idea what she is trying to say. I got confused there, I misunderstood it as only the Astalight fanclub members could buy the Calendars so I went away from the booth to line up for the usual concert goods. Grabbed the TGS Parka, T-shirt, 2 Penlights, a wristband, Towel, and 2 previous live's T-shirts. I wanted to sign up for the Astalight B-course promotion and also pre-order the 3rd Album but since I didn't have internet yet, I didn't copy my TENSO address so I can't really do those since it will require an address. As I was about to go out from the goods area, suddenly a Japanese approached me and offered to help me buy the Calendar since he is an Astalight B member. After getting the calendar me and Hatix hang out with the guy that helped us just now. S-san (the guy who helped me get the calendar) and his friend O-san hang out with us after they are done buying their goods.

We went to the right side of the main entrance we heard TGS started rehearsing and doing sound check. We could hear them doing Discord and Yakusoku (but of course we had no idea about the song yet) At around 14:30 we met with a twitter friend Mr. Cold_di. He was kind enough to give us some flyers on the Idol Media Museum and we talked a lot about many things. It was quite a merry company, and once Tokosilent arrived I started to do twitcasting.

When the time has come, we all started to take our seat inside the hall and when the lights go out, the whole hall glowed pink. It was really beautiful, normally for an idol concert you only see a single colour penlight during a graduation but that's not the case for TGS obviously. I've never been to a graduation concert, so it was quite a new sight for me. Then when I saw the band member walking in I knew that it'll start soon and I was really getting hyped. After all, its been a year since I last saw TGS with a live band.

The live itself was really awesome. The stage was very simple, wasn't really dynamic or anything. There don't have pyrotechnics like MCZ but if there's anything that's awesome that day would be the usage of the camera I'd say. There's a huge screen behind the stage, and there are quite a few times where the screen splits to focus on all 5 members. The timing for everything in the show is really cool. Both the arrangement of songs, lighting or the camera. I'm not sure about the cost used for this live, but I can say that this is a very well thought out live. The transition from one song to another is very smooth (Discord -> LolitA was beautiful) and the new songs are great. I personally love the choreography for Futarikiri. The dance for Tsuki to Sayonara is a bit too sexy for TGS I'd say, well.... maybe for now and Yakusoko is a good song (well all 3 of them are). I really like how new songs are slowly gravitating towards Yuri and Mei to sing instead of just Hitomi and Ayano. They sure are balancing up and the girls are definitely getting a whole lot better vocally.

Sometime during the encore they had some announcement that they were going to make. Everyone was waiting anxiously for the news. A lot of us are expecting announcement of new single or tour or maybe another "leave" like they did before or even better announcement of a larger hall concert. So we were really listening to what's being said. The mic was passed to Satake-san (STKsan) from Mei and we were actually told that they are going to finally....

Announce the age of the members.


All the intense wait was just for that. It seems that STKsan is tired of deleting the information on the Wikipedia because everytime he deletes them, someone would just come and put them back in. So he wanted to get rid of that chore and just make it official. So we had everyone's official age that day, Ayano 15, Miyu 16, Hitomi 14, Yuri 15, Mei 15. Everyone was like "Eeeh Mama is only 15!!!" and Yuri was just laughing non-stop because she always say that she's 20. Everyone had a good deal of laugh and then it was announce about the next tour and their own TV show starting next year (freaking finally!) While everyone has calmed down quite a bit, the show ended with Attack Hyper Beat Pop and that was my first time doing the "Gomennasai" call~ that was really fun!

If I were to sum this concert up in one word, it'll be "Cool". I mean, TGS is one of the more mature music among the current Idol right now and their latest release are just really cool. The whole concert is basically built to emphasis all that and I personally feel it really worked. Though I didn't really like the sound system at Budoukan at that day, because it somewhat kills their vocals a bit, but that didn't ruin the whole show. I must say, travelling to Japan for this concert alone is already worth it. I really like TGS for their music and this concert just delivers. Rock You, live band version is just off the chart.

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