Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Kaorin is back~

Hayano Kaoru (早乃香織) a.k.a Kaorin is back in the singing industry! No more MC-ing and doing radio show only for her now, its back to business.  Since today is her birthday, she's starting her blog once again (it was taken down earlier this year, to make her debut a secret I guess) and made her first post today.

To those who are not familiar with Kaorin

She was an ex-AKB48 member from team K and graduated from the group. During that time she's probably the smartest girl in the group academically, judging from the various surveys done in the AKB48 guidebook released then. Initially, she was the one that dragged me into AKB48 fandom and for a while I was stuck with the group thanks to her. She's quite witty, a little bit shy and awkward and a huge otaku to boot. Seems to be a huge fan of Evangelion as well. She graduated from the group for some unmentioned reason and was happily pursuing job as assistant MC on various events and radio show. Now she's back in the idol industry again. So starting from today I'll be translating her blog as well, now that it has really gotten into track again ^^

Below is the preview PV of her 2nd single, Betelgeuse Beat

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