Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tokyo Girls Styles - Liar

TGS just released their latest PV and it is really worth checking it out. I'm not so into the single Yuri scene inside the choreography, but you got to give a hat off to the person who directed the PV it is beautiful. The art direction for TGS PV lately, namely Limited Addiction and Liar has been really clean and made use of some really brilliant lighting IMO. AVEX just have the money to burn. TGS is such an interesting group, because they are basically more of an artist lately but they are sold as an idol. Which is really contradicting but yet acceptable for some reason. Their songs are not meant for wotageis, there is no normal idol beat for you to PPPH or Romance and as far as I can see it, the best is probably FuriMane only. But yet their appeal is good enough to get a good amount of crowd. And yes, Ayano is drop dead cool in this PV. All in all, great PV, the song is okay but I like the change from very Ayano heavy in Limited Addiction into a more balance distribution of lines.

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