Sunday, October 9, 2011

20th subtitle for idoling!!!

I mean like.. WHOOOO!!!!!!!!

I normally loses interest in doing something really fast, but this time around I managed to do 20 episodes of goodies. Although I still have a few more that I have already done but those were translated back in the days when both my English and Japanese were horrible. They really require proper treatment before being put online. Maybe one day all of them will be place online.

I seriously hope that with this more fans are able to enjoy Idoling!!! as much as I do. I know that not all fans are into Idoling!!! for their talk show, because there are people out there that honestly like Idoling!!! for their songs and members only but I do believe that turning a blind eye towards their TV show is pretty much a big mistake. Because they excel so well there. Hopefully this project will go on and on until I can't cope up anymore.


      Allow me to celebrate with Umeko's wink

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