Monday, October 3, 2011

Tokyo Girls Style - Limited Addiction

I've been on this song for quite sometime and it still manages to hook me up. At first I didn't really have much expectation on TGS because the first song from them that I heard was "Ganbatte Itsudatte Shinjiteru" and it wasn't so striking. Plus it is a group from AVEX, not really a company that I would look for when it comes to Idols.

However when TIF last year was held, the song Himawari to Hoshizuku was really catchy plus the girls were doing the Locking as part of their dance. That was pretty awesome. Then last year I managed to catch them live at one of the Shimokita FM live and I was quite taken by them then.

But this year when Limited Addiction was released, I was pretty much blown away. Konishi Ayano is an extremely good singer... for an Idol. Listening to the song is such a pleasure. I'm having my eyes on this group too now. Very interesting.

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