Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Idoling!!! 829 DJ RuKaede!!!

soft sub

and... NO they're not going to let you go that easily
About this episode

They basically gave free reign over to Ruka and Kaede to host their own talk show where they can ask any questions that they want. It was basically a traumatizing experience to all the other members.

This episode could easily be one of my favorite, first of all RuKaede really did not hold back at all with their question and then they handled every answer really well. From uninspiring ones like Yuuna's to the angry one like Umeko's and it is all so funny. But the best of all just had to be how Masuno pulling the strings to guide RuKaede on what to do next. Just the look on his face how he enjoyed looking at the girls in trouble is just... eeevil XD

# credit to Code001 for QC

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