Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Momoiro Clover Z in Malaysia, the start of 2012 hype

This was at Putrajaya Kuala Lumpur, and whee I'm on TV~
I'm an active member of the Malaysian wota community called and up until last year, the group's flame has been slowly waning as one by one of the members has jumped ship into the korean wave. We're a pretty old in group in Malaysia too, some members are even getting married and paying attention to J-idols all together but this year was different. I'd say this year is the year of change and the one that started to re-paint the scenario over here would be none other than Momoiro Clover Z.

When it was first announced that they are coming as part of the Hari Belia Negara (National Youth Day) we all thought it was just a joke but when it was officially announced and the article on Natalie and Tokyohive appeared everyone was more than excited. This was the 1st J-idol to ever perform in Malaysia, it was a pretty historical event for us.

Honestly, I never watched any MCZ concert prior to that live, I love Akari and when she graduated my interest in the group turned a bit sour until Roudou Sanka came along. Being there at the live was just amazing. While I am aware of the very different situation of idol live (well Idoling!!! and TGS audience would be pretty mild when it comes to their live) this was the first time I'm in an idol live with very active audience and with me right there at the very front of the railings. It was just so wild, all the chantings still echoes in my mind even until today. This would've never been possible if the Japanese mononofu didn't come over. The energy behind the show that day was just something that I never experienced before. When I was at Shimokita FM idol festival in 2010 the audience was pretty crazy too but I was not in the middle of that crowd so it was kind of different.

While the show was all fun and good, the more important part of the show to me is the gathering of almost all Xmorfis members. Right after the show, a lot of them has started to hop over to the J-wave or at the very least starts to follow J-idol again. Out of a sudden the group has a new faction appearing, the marenofu (Malaysia mononofu). Some non idol fans were also converted into one on that day. The day MCZ came to Malaysia was definitely the day a lot of things started to change, we're all very grateful for it.

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