Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Jejak Jepun Bersama Zizan (Exploring Japan with Zizan)

The other big thing that happened this year would be this show "Jejak Jepun Bersama Zizan". Zizan is a well known comedian in Malaysia and apparently he's in love with Japan too. In this show, he was sponsored by a Malaysia airlines (AirAsia) to go around Japan to complete a single mission which is to meet Ayumi Hamasaki.

I'm a huge fan of a maid cafe called @home cafe in akihabara and one day a maid posted information about Zizan visiting the cafe and they did a recording of him being in the cafe so I was pretty excited to see the maid that I know appearing on Malaysian TV but a few days after that TGS posted information that they are appearing on the show with Zizan as well. When the trailer came out, we were all very excited because Onnaji Kimochi is the theme song and we're listening to it on Malaysian TV. However that was only the tip of the iceberg... As the show goes along, the whole show from the 1st episode to the 6th episode (last episode) the OST was nothing but TGS song. The excitement from waiting every episode and wondering which song is going to be used in the upcoming episode was just amazing. It was pretty nostalgic too since I have abandoned TV for a very long time and it has been a while since I'm so excited about a show that I waited a few minutes before the show in front of the TV.

TGS of course only appeared in episode 5, and Zizan is a jerk for not allowing the girls to self introduce themselves (but he's a good jerk for promoting them~ hahaha) and I'd love to hear the girls talk more or at least more scene of Zizan teaching them to speak Malay or something along that line.

Coincidentally, TGS came to Singapore a week before the broadcast of episode 5. Had the pleasure of talking to them about it at the live.

The aftermath of the show was many people in Malaysia are starting to know TGS. Suddenly, Malaysian audience are commenting on TGS's Onnaji Kimochi official PV at youtube talking about how they reached that page because of Zizan. And a few videos of kids dancing to Onnaji Kimochi.

This much exposure has definitely left some impact on the audience and though I do not want to assume that the show has made Malaysians as TGS fan but I'd say it has made TGS known. I believe that is a great first step. Unlike MCZ visit to Malaysia the impact was only to those who came to the event. There was hardly any real publicity to let the masses know about their arrival and there are no recording or showing of the live either to really rile up the nation. While MCZ has re-ignited the flame inside many old wotas, TGS has spark an interest of the nation towards J-Idol.

I'm not going to say that the show popularity has already warrant TGS a huge audience if they were ever to do a live here, but I'm sure that with a little bit of help from Zizan and a few other publicity it'll all work out well. Plus Singapore and Indonesia wotas are very active in supporting any idols that drop by around this vicinity as well. It should all be good.

Now I really hope that all these events just would prompt more visits towards ASEAN countries. If that's the case then... I'm sure we can overcome this Halyu wave.

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