Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Idoling!!! #828 Ami Ta--lk!!!

Soft Sub

If you don't want your food then don't waste it~

There we go~ good old Idoling!!! sub after a really long absence. I'm sure those who follow the forum over at JPH!P would've gotten this sub already but it is just an obligatory post XD

About this episode,

Well this is just an obligatory episode to sub, simply because it features so much Umeko and it is just too funny to ignore. The whole bento talk was a lot of fun and it basically just screams out "Idoling!!!" more than ever because you hardly see any idols talk about this kind of topic this openly on TV. It does make one wonders too, just how much does an idol earn anyways or could it be that living standard in Tokyo is just too freaking high. Anyways, everyone is just adorable when talking about how happy they are getting free food, and Masuno's tsukkomi on the Dragonball reference was just golden.

The second part of the segment is just okay to me, because well, Asahi is Asahi and she is just full of joy all the time. Nothing really surprising in this segment.

# credits to Code001 for QC.

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