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Japan trip 2013 : Entry 02: Babymetal LEGEND "1997" SU-METAL聖誕祭

2nd Event day, is Babymetal live day.

So the day started of with meeting Tokosilent at Odaiba to pick up our tickets and goods. Grabbed all my Idoling!!! parker, T-shirts and 2 signed 2014 calendars and I was in cloud nine already~

Just missing one more calendar to complete the Ogipro girls collection
Once all the process of grabbing goods are over, we headed to the Odaiba Teleport Station and rushed to Makuhari Messe. The trip took quiet a while, but when we reached the venue it was still pretty early.

Picture Courtesy of Boey Whei Pin

There were quite a lot of people at the place because right next to the Makuhari Messe event hall was the Jump Festival going on. So there were a lot of anime fans that came to the place as well (Trivia: which was the place where they showed the trailer for the Jojo Bizzare Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusader). So there were a whole bunch of goods being sold, but all the T-shirts that I could fit in are all sold out so I skipped buying them and just got myself a BBM plastic vinyl bag. I actually have the arena/mosh pit seat but since my feet was killing me, I thought that it would be pretty much a suicide attempt to go into a mosh pit with a bad leg so I traded my ticket with a friend of mine and too the standing seat on the 1st floor instead. So after waiting for quite a while we finally got into the event hall and took our seat.

Being on the first floor, I get to see people swarming the mosh pit before the concert started and I felt a huge pang of relieve that I didn't force myself to go in there. So when everyone is in their place lights finally went out and the show took off!

There was a huge St.Mary (I think) statue at the stage and it started off with Yui and Moa carrying candles from the side of the stage accompanied by a few veiled figures. The walked towards the statue and a few pyro technique went off and Suu-metal appeared in the middle.

The show started of with a remixed Headbanger. I was a bit put off with the vocoder kind of mic that is used and I think there was a dubstep-ish part of the song as well. Since I really love Headbanger I was really disappointed with how the show started off at that particular time.

Next up was Doki doki Morning, Iine, Soul's refrain and Uki uki midnight. After a somewhat disappointing opening song, the show starts to pickup pace and intensity with the next 4 songs. I'm not really sure but it doesn't really feel like the first half of the show's song were played with live music or it could be just me. Still it was pretty okay.

Next we have a VTR going on, something about Yui and Moa found a chocolate house and how they are eating too much chocolate inside it. Suu was watching with envy but she was holding herself from eating the chocolates and in the end she couldn't take it anymore and beg for the chocolate. But the Fox god was angry and took away the chocolate from her.... Thus bringing us to a new song, Give me Chocolate!

Next was Kimi to Anime ga Mitai ~ answer for animation with you. Song was pretty decent, I like it but nothing really big.

Then we have Megitsune. Its the beginning of the Suu's vocal showcase. I love the song and being able to hear this one live was pretty awe inspiring. There isn't much to talk about it except for it was just plain great.

After Megitsune, Suu was doing a monologue saying "Why do we hurt each other?" and the whole crowd in the mosh pit started to go crazy. Me and my friends are not familiar with the metal scene, we never went to any metal concert before this. So when Ijime, Dame, Zettai started and I saw people crashing into each other and going pretty wild I was pretty worried about my friends. Most importantly, I'm really glad that I'm not in the arena. IDZ is an awesome song and listening to it live really worth coming for.

Then we have the encore. When the encore started, they changed the band members with the Kami-band and I'm pretty sure that from there onwards it was really live band playing and it was just freaking awesome.

It started off with Onedari Daisakusen! It was my first time listening to the song and I fell in love immediately. It has this Limp Bizkit feel to it and the irony of hearing these 2 cute girls singing those lyrics just cracked a smile on my face. Still, it was a really fun song and I couldn't agree more with the girls. It is all about the money money and money! Black Babymetal carried on with Catch Me If You Can next. Afterwards it was Headbanger again, but this time in its original form and not techno-ish and gawd.... it was beautiful!

Then my friend Tokosilent said that we wonders whether we will get Akatsuki or not and then to our surprise Suu sang Akatsuki just right after that and it was a special piano version. Just hearing her solo voice undisturbed with other instrument gave me goosebumps that day. Suu-metal is definitely one of the better younger singer in Japan today.

The last song was BABYMETAL DEATH and after that the show was over.

My leg was in a lot of pain from the long hours of standing and lining up from the previous days but I guess its the adrenaline that kept me standing throughout the show. I love the show, but I personally think it could be a lot better because right after the encore the show's energy just went off the chart with the live band. Is it really impossible to do the 1st half of the song with a live band? I'm not a musician so I'm not really sure. Still, I can imagine that it would be seriously amazing with the whole show is done with the live band from the very beginning. Regardless, it was awesome! I don't think that I would ever go to a normal metal band live, going to a milder version of it is pretty fun. A friend of mine did went out with a little bit of injury but still lives to tell the tale. So I guess, all in all, it is simply awesome.

Following website has pictures from the live and more

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