Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Blog revival : Japan trip 2013. Lives, Chekki and studio recordings!

So last December was the annual Japan trip that I normally take. Despite missing yet another Idoling!!!'s numbering live because I bought the plane ticket way back in June, it has been nothing short of extraordinary this year. Everything was miraculously amazing and despite coming back home to Malaysia as a seriously poor sod but I'm pretty much the happiest I have ever been compared to myself in the whole of 2013 combined.

So I'll be writing separate accounts of events that I have gone through, hoping to be able to pass the excitement that I experienced last month with everyone else.

They said 3rd times a charm, but my 4th Japan trip was a miracle~ <3

Signed Umeko 2014 Calendar in the room marks the beginning of the new year~

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