Sunday, January 5, 2014

Japan Report 2013: Entry 05: Idoling!!! Shibuhachi Live part 1

So on the 25th of December in Mt. Rainer was Shibuhachi Live. There were 2 sessions, the first one being 3rd gen specials and the 2nd one being the normal Shibuhachi. A friend of mine who is a C-ute fan decided to join us today as well for both Shibuhachi sessions and he has no real experience with Idoling!!! except for the 12th live concert that I gave him a day before. So we reached shibuya at around noon and waited for the show to start. I wasn't that hyped for the first session simply because it is a 3rd gen specials and although I like them, I am not really obsessed with them or anything.

So after getting into the place I went to my seat which is at the 2nd floor. I was kind of glad because the people on the 2nd floor isn't moving too much. So I could just stand and enjoy the show pretty well without further injuring my feet XD.

The 3rd gen being 3rd gen is really a lot of fun in the MC-ing parts. They sang solo songs in the beginning of the show

Kaede - Santa Claus is coming to town

Yurika - Koibito wa Santa Claus

Ai - As For One Day

Next up they sang:

Pucchi Moni - Pittari Shitai X'mas

Tanpopo - Oujisama to yuki no yoru

It was such a H!P song cover fiesta that I started to feel all nostalgic. I'm pretty sure that my friend appreciated it as well, since we both started of with our idol fandom with the 3rd gen Morning Musume and all these songs are pretty much around those era as well.

I couldn't really remember the other songs that they sang but honorable mention would be

Konayuki ga mau machinami de : With Yurippe singing the Maipuru solo parts. It wasn't as good as Maipuru's but it was a decent effort. After singing the song Yurippe said "I'm terribly nervous in attempting to sing this song. This just makes me respect the 1st gen even more thinking how they could sing this"

Voice : They sang this song twice, the 2nd time during the encore. It was pretty good and I really enjoyed it.

Baby Blue : 3rd Gen's debut song. You just can't go wrong with Baby Blue.

After the live has ended, we all went out for a quick meal before going into the 2nd session which has Umeko~ <3 And apparently my friend has fallen in love with Kaede already. So eventhough he couldn't go watch C-ute's live, at least he found a new love in Shibuhachi.

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