Sunday, January 5, 2014

Japan Report 2013: Entry 03: Idoling!!! chekki

Picture Courtesy of my friend, Boey Whei Ping
With Babymetal concert done and over with, it was time for Tokyo Girls' Style next. With a pair of feet that is suffering from non-stop pain I moved on with the next event because this is exactly why I am here for anyways. First of all, in the morning there was Idoling!!! chekki session which I went with Tokosilent and Hatix. It was done in Minami Futou, it was like a jetty for ships or something and you could have an awesome view of the Rainbow Bridge and Odaiba from there.

Bus ride from Yuurakucho to Minami Futou

The rainbow bridge from the chekki venue.
So as we reached the place we went to line up to pre-order the albums to get the chekki tickets. And man, were they expensive... I could've bought 22 singles for the 3 sessions that I bought. But since I have yet to have a picture with Umeko, I just have to go for it. We were there quite early but by the time we lined up the chekki session for Maipuru on the evening session was already sold out. That was really fast, but I guess everyone is looking forward to take picture with her for the last time so everyone just went all out for that. Before every chekki session there is a simple MC session with everyone introducing themselves and there were quite a few funny ones.

Things to pay attention to in Gold Experience
Sakacchi : Everyone's original Jojo Pose. (No wonder I had a hard time identifying some of the poses)
Umeko : The new unit group
Hii-chan : How I am mixed up in the troublesome group
Reia : How she still have trouble pronouncing the album title

So on the first day I went for 2 sessions, 1st one with Umeko, Sekiya Mayu and Ishida Karen. It was my first time taking chekki with idoling and I was so anxious that I could see Umeko again. In the end I turned out to somewhat a jerk I guess because as I went in, I was only looking at Umeko from the beginning until the end and didn't even took a glance at Karen and Sekimayu. I felt so bad after that, especially since out of all the NEO members, I like Sekimayu the most =_=.

2nd Session was with Reia, Rurika and Kurumin. With that I have complete Ogi Production girls~ <3 Oh and before you take the picture you need to let the staff know who is your favorite member and the girl will be the one that passes you the photo (seriously lol worthy details) but Reia looked so happy when she was told to give the picture to me and I'm feeling happy about it as well.

The third session was on the next day, and I went for Umeko, Tonooka, Kurumin. Well, since they are wearing a different costume today, so I just had to go for Umeko again (lol). Especially since all my experience of meeting her is with her wearing that santa costume on the 2nd day. So the photo was somewhat even more meaningful than usual.

I was contemplating in taking a few more photos but the price was really blood-thirsty and I figured that my survivability should take priority more than the chekkis. So, listening to my rational sense, I backed off. lol. I should award myself for this because normally I'd throw away rational thinking.

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