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Japan Trip 2012 Report #5 : Final Day - Idoling!!! Shibuhachi Live

So, it has come to the 25th December 2012. My last day in Japan... I woke up pretty early because I have to do a lot of things today, being the last day and all. First thing was to pack everything up ASAP because I won't have time to do it later since I'm going to Shibuhachi live in the afternoon. Once done packing and stuff, I took a lot of the extra Malaysian cakes and postcards and gave them to the others who lived in the backpackers hostel (one of the China girl was pretty cute though.. Though she can't speak English at all =_= bummer) Once I got that done, I went ahead to check out from the hostel straight away and thus begins my last day event.

First thing was to go to Asakusa and buy souvenirs for families and friends. Grabbed a few stuff very quickly and I immediately rushed to Shibuya to meet up with the gang. I was pretty late throughout the 5 days all the time so this time around, at least I'd rather not be late at all. So I reached Shibuya at around 12 noon and waited at the famous Hachiko statue. After a while Hatix and Ayabie reached Shibuya and we all waited for Hellguard together. Once Hellguard reached Shibuya, we all went to a Karaoke box in Shibuya since we have around 1 hours plus before the show starts. So we went to this Karaoke box, pretty small I'd say even for a Japan karaoke box standard but it has everything so I guess that's fine.

Hachiko! Wait here and receive your achievements!

Back in Malaysia, we used to have one Karaoke box called Yumekukan which does stock only Japanese songs but it was closed down like 3 years ago so its been about 3 years since I last hit a karaoke box and this time its even more awesome because all of us are Idolinger!!! I think about the first 30 minutes it was nothing but Idoling!!! songs and then we started to drift to other groups like MCZ, TGS but in the end we still go back to Idoling!!! Idoling!!! is just awesome in a karaoke, its easy to sing and just a lot of fun. Daiba no Koi Monogatari FTW yeah~

So we went to the Shibuhachi venue, got lost at first but reached there quite early nevertheless. At the entrace there was a few tables selling goods like Gekkan, clear folders and some wrist bands. I wanted to buy the wristband so I went ahead and asked for an Umeko wristband but the lady told me that I need to randomly draw it from the box. So I did put my hand inside the box, and with a heart full love I pulled out an Umeko wristband (lol)

Now that totally made my day because I can only go the noon show of Shibuhachi since my flight is at night and Umeko doesn't appear in the noon show. She'll be there in the evening show instead. So I might not be able to see her perform this year (Which I really want to!) but I managed to get her wristband in one try instead. So I guess, that's pretty fair. Though I still want to see Umeko... sigh... Oh well.

Can't see her on the last day... 

So we lined up before entering the hall, and everyone paid an extra 500 yen for the drinks (in which you must buy) grabbed the drinks and entered the hall. We had 4 tickets that day, 2 premium and 2 normal seats thanks to Hatix and Hellguard. Hatix took the premium seat for the noon show and Hellguard didn't really want to be at the front, so we had this one more premium ticket that either me or Ayabie could take. We discussed earlier who should take the premium seat (since its the front most row seat and plus you get to take picture with the members) but looking at the member list for the noon show, I decided to give up for the premium seat since Umeko is not there and Ayabie's favorite member Kaepyon is on for the noon show. So me and hellguard took our seat and the back but it was pretty decent though since the hall is quite small so even though you're at the back the view is quite clear. So we all got ourself readied and then Uematsu AD walked in and talked about his Xmas eve this year which involves only 7 Eleven (lol) after a while, then the members walked in. With no Umeko in this show, I was totally in #30 Kiyoku Reia mode.


1:女神のパルス ( Megami No Pulse / Goddess' Pulse )

So they started off with Megami no Pulse. It was really just a soothing song, nothing really much going on during this song. I was more interested in listening to the fan's chant because it was my first to be in the crowd for this song.

2:モテ期のうた (Moteki no Uta / Song of Popularity )

Now this is a song that I'm totally experienced in (lol) Had a lot of fun doing the furimane for this song and then everyone just realized that Ookawa Ai was actually dancing while holding a JJ magazine in which she is on the front cover. I don't really remember the details but I'm pretty sure that when it was her turn for solo line she said something like 

"Popularity has finally arrived~! Being on the front cover of JJ magazine~!"

Everyone just had a real good laugh that time.

★:自己紹介 (Introduction MC)
So the topic for that day was "What is your memories for Xmas?"

Notable member :
#20 - Best X'mas memories is this year because she appeared on JJ on the front cover 
#21 - something about getting presents from santa
#22 - fought with her friends when she was 13 because her friend said that Santa didn't exist
#23 - JJ debut, apparently Yuuna appears in one of the pages of the same JJ magazine

3:恋の20連鎖!!! ( Koi no 20 Rensa / 20 Love's Combo)

Awesome song all the time, full of energy and a lot of fun. My first listening to it live.

4:粉雪が舞う街並みで ( Konayuki ga Mau Machinami de / Snowflakes Dances on the City )

A little disappointed that there's no Maipuru otherwise this song would be just perfect. 


Now everyone is talking about the songs that they have sung and suddenly Ai-chan Ruka and Hii-chan left the stage because they said that they forgot about something backstage. Yuuna reassures everyone that they are just acting out what was written in the script to everyone so don't worry so much lol.

5:ブラジャーを探して(17&20&22) ( Brajya wo Sagashite / Searching for Bra )

Ai-chan, Hii-chan and Ruka perform Bra wo Sagashite and everyone was screaming O.P.P.A.I with them lol. The 3 members dressed up as delinquents and the song was sung pretty well I guess, minus Hii-chan who obviously didn't remember the lyrics. She was looking at the lyrics while performing that day, quite a funny sight for sure (obviously she wasn't so pleased about having to sing that song too lol)


They we're mostly talking about the song earlier and how whacked up it was. 

6:生声(friend) ( Live voice, no microphone )

So a guy with a guitar walked in, everyone sat down and the girls put down their microphone and sang friends. That was pretty new, a show without mic. Kaede wasn't really doing so well I'd say but Gotou was quite okay that day. The rest of the group did pleasingly well. 


Girls talking about Friend just now

7:キミがスキ (Kimi Ga Suki / I love you )
8:Don`t think Feel!!!
★:エンディング ( Ending )
9:アンコール(S.O.W) (Encore - S.O.W )

From there on, the playlist went pretty fast and it was just your usual show. Nothing much to really to be taken note.

Now in this 5 days I've been to 3 lives of 3 different group, TGS, MCZ and Idoling!!! Now this show, I was laughing my ass off from the very beginning till the very end. The girl's are just brilliant with mic or even without mic. Hell! Just being on stage alone is already entertaining! This is definitely Idoling!!! quality. It was really a lot of fun that day.

Reia looked so worried that day. It was quite obvious that she made a few mistakes with the dance and it is just so obvious that she looked insecure on stage. I cheering my lungs out for her that day and it could be that I was the only person who actually calls out her name too lol. I did asked Hellguard, Ayabie and Hatix, all three agreed that they didn't hear anyone else who did the same. lol. 

After the show, Mr Mura_ne was around the place too but since me and Hellguard was waiting for Ayabie and Hatix photo session, we didn't get to see him that day. It was all good though, all 4 of us went to grab something to eat at Sizerya and took a commemoration photo at shibuya station and I bid them all goodbyes. It is too bad that Silverbolt couldn't join us then, I'm sure that he's going through a lot right now and I wish him the very best but I sure hope that all 5 of us (or maybe more people from the international idoling!!! board) to be able to gather like this and storm the shows. 

I left Shibuya and headed to Akihabara to go to TRIO because they told me a signed Umeko poster is there on the day before so I just had to buy that before I go home. When I was there I grabbed a whole bunch of other TGS and Idoling!!! goods as well.   I headed back to get my bags and then, said goodbye to Japan.

Everything I bought in this short 5 days.

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  1. Hi, do you mind me asking about the differences between Shibuhachi and Nicohachi Live? Is it that they just tend to do covers in Shibuhachi and not Nicohachi? Anything else? Thanks!