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Japan Trip 2012 Report #4 : MCZ in Saitama Super Arena Da Z!!!

So now Day 3, Asakusa, Japan.

I woke up that day, with some serious sore at my feet.. For an instance I thought that I could never walk out of my hotel... but after some really good rest and massaging, I braved myself out.

So today's plan was pretty simple, go to Saitama and watch Momoiro Clover Z. Now I just have to say that me getting a ticket for this show is already pretty much a huge miracle by itself. MCZ is just so famous right now in Japan that tickets are getting sold out in less than a few hours nearly all the time. I got mine for about 16000yen.... 16 freaking thousand Yen... I can buy 16 handshake event ticket and see Umeko/Reia yesterday for that much of money. I thought that was pretty bad but apparently there are people who bought the ticket at 40000yen for the same show on auction. So yeah, I consider myself pretty lucky and just have to grab the chance to try and see and experience an MCZ live in Japan. They came over to Malaysia earlier in 2012 and the show was for free, so this time around its basically paying respect to them for coming over to Malaysia and I'm paying it this time because the show they did over in Malaysia was just worth the money.

So woke up that day, the first thing I did was to head to Akihabara to look for MomoDora for a friend of mine. He wanted those so I scrambled to Tower Records in Yodobashi-Camera. Grabbed Momodora and I was looking for Kaorin's single but I just couldn't find it at all. I was so sad but then again I didn't really have the time to stay bummed forever so I head to this Pakistani Curry House grabbed some good old Akihabara Halal Curry and dashed to Saitama Super Arena.

From Ueno to Saitama took around 24 minutes I think and I'm just glad that I could sit down throughout the whole trip to rest my legs because I know for sure that it's going to be a long day today. I was supposed to meet a Mononofu that I become acquainted to from Facebook today too, so I was pretty excited. I reached SSA at around 1400 hours and goodness! The temperature! The Wind! That was just BLOODY COLD!!! So this is like my 3rd time coming to Japan during winter, the coldest I had during the 1st trip was during Idoling!!! Nakano sun plaza's countdown live, around 6 degress I think. 2011's visit, the coldest was probably outside Wangan Studio during the handshake event around 6-7 degrees. But this one was just off the hook! I guess it was probably around 3-5 degrees on the day and about 2-4 at night. I was literally shaking like mad and just thinking that I arrived at 1400 and the gate opens at 1700... That felt like a really long wait.

So when I got out of the Saitama Shintoshin Station I saw a whole bunch of people waiting at the station exit holding signs "Please sell to me a ticket". I'm not talking about 1-2 people... There was like around 17 people standing out there hoping that someone might just sell to them the ticket. That was... wow. I've been to a few lives already but this was the first for me to see this. So I walked passed those people and head to the hall and saw this HUGE number of people lining up for the goods. Originally I wanted to buy the penlights for today but looking at the lines I cancelled it straight away. Not going to line up among those thousands of people especially when my leg is slowly killing me. So I just sit down waiting until the entrance time in the deadly cold wind. Apparently my friend couldn't find the place where I am at and there I was waiting until the door opens. Realizing that I'm alone today, I just dashed inside the hall as soon as possible because I need to get into a warmer place. So my seat is on the 4th floor, so we had to walk up and the long lines... and my feet are just disagreeing with each other. When I finally managed to enter the hall I saw a few KFC booth inside SSA. I mean like, wow. Lol I've never seen people sell KFC at a concert hall before. It really makes me wonder though, how on earth are you going to eat during an MCZ live, knowing that it is always so hyper.

So I had a basic idea where my seat is, but I just need to be sure and for a foreigner the best way to get super real help is to talk to the staff in English lol. It will ALWAYS grant you super detail explanation in a mix of English and Japanese.

So I got to my seat, wore my Momoka baseball shirt grabbed my Summer Dive Penlight and I'm set to go. I told myself that this is just going to be so different because when it comes to a live, MCZ always have a really passionate bunch of fans. The chanting is just off the charts and since my main Idol is Idoling!!! we're not even 2/5 of the energy these people put out during chanting lol. So when everyone managed to grab their seats, Kwkm-san began to MC the show and we know that it's about to start real soon. I was expecting Bananaman to be there but this time it was Unjashed (whooo!) . Not that it was really that important anyways, but I had a lot of fun Booing to Yama-chan. After all that talk and some slapping suddenly...

Overture begins.

The moment overtures begins, it felt like warping into another world all together and that is before any chanting begins. They did a similar pose and killer moves in front of the screen like how they did in 2011 too this year and when the whole crowded started chanting "Urya! oi!" It was just electrifying. I've always listen to stories from my other community members about AKB and underground idol's live and how energetic is everyone during chanting and now this time here I am, experiencing it. And when the MCZ Mix came, I was basically screaming the hell out from my lungs lol.

The playlist for the day was

DNA Rhapshody
Lost Child
Zenryoku Shoujo
Wee Tee Wee Tee
Bionic Cherry
Wani to Shampoo
Otome Sensou
Roudou Sanka
Kuroi Shuumatsu
Shiroi Kaze
Bokura no Century
Orange Note
Chai Maxx
Z Densetsu Owarinaki Kakumei
Kaitou Shoujo
Pinky Jones
Sora No Curtain
Kono Uta
Mirai e Susume

Notable stuff:
They did some mini sentai shows! LOL~! That was really fun~ and my favorite would be that suddenly MCZ was transformed into some old fat guys and we all had to chant the opening of Kaitou Shoujo in order to fill up their power again to revert into the original MCZ. Ahaha that was just brilliant! During Wani to Shampoo the girls were riding on UFO's and went up real high while throwing stuff to the audience. Was really lucky that my seat is on the west wing and Momoka was there~ lucky!

Originally I didn't really like the latest single except for Wee Tee but going to this live I learn to appreciate the new songs because there isn't much to chant lol! I mean like right after Hashire, DNA and Moretsu, Saraba was basically saying, relax out a bit. My throat started to hurt during Lost Child though but after a while I found a better way to chant without straining my throat so it was all good after that.

When they came to Malaysia, they didn't perform Roudou Sanka. It was basically the biggest service of the day for me~!

Towards the end it was pretty intense with Kaitou Shoujo, Pinky Jones and Chai Maxx.

When the concert ended I kind of ran out early because I've no idea about the train time and I don't want to take the risk because I still have to switch train to get to Asakusa and stuff. So I ran out pretty quick as much as my leg could spare me.

I'm just glad that I'm able to experience this, it is definitely a once in a lifetime thing for me I guess. I'm not sure whether I'll go to another MCZ live or not because the ticket price is just too high for a single visit. I'm just very happy that I managed to pay off my respect to them for coming to Malaysia by going to their live in Japan. Thank you for coming to Malaysia and thank you for the great show that day!

So I went back early to rest my legs because tomorrow is going to be my last day in Japan. I have to start buying souvenirs for family in Malaysia, CDs for my collection, TRIO visit and an Idoling!!! Shibuhachi live. I imagine it will also be a hectic day... So I went back and slept as soon as I could...

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