Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Japan Trip 2012 Report #3 : Idoling!!! Handshake event!!!

So on the 22nd night I walked back to my hostel, feeling exhausted but extremely satisfied with the Budoukan live. I really wanted to take a nap straight away but I know that I can't because tomorrow, I have a bigger mission to be carried out. Today was fulfilling my promise I made at Singapore, that I'll be in Budoukan. Tomorrow, is meeting the idol whom I really like. This is someone who said that she'll be waiting for me in December, my head is all messed up just thinking about how excited I would be tomorrow.

So I did post at JPH!P that I'll be helping other fans to send their message to the girls because this year I plan to meet more than 3 girls just because it's a once in a year thing for me. While I understand why people in Japan would kind of stress on the idea of a DD (daredemo daisuki a.k.a you just like every idol out there) but being a foreigner idol fan, sometimes it all just doesn't matter as much. I mean like, I saved up my money the whole year for this one trip, of course you just have to make full use of it, no? I only have 5 days, didn't have the privilege of being sooooo picky about principles. Anyways, so I had trouble sleeping since my mind just keeps on racing and have no idea when to stop and when I did fall asleep I just remembered that I haven't pasted the picture of everyone's handwritten messages so I busied myself cutting all the pictures and pasting them. Since it is only my 3rd time waking up to winter this year, gosh I felt so damn lazy to wake up and by the time I'm ready to go out I was already really late. Hatix, Hellguard and another friend SA were already at the event hall.

So I rushed to the place, got in and there were so many people already because the 1st handshake event had already started. The rest of the gang had already bought their tickets (you need to pre-order 1 CD in order to get 1 ticket) so I went to the PO table took the pen and started to write all my details to buy 10 of them. So yeah after lining up, got my tickets (3x 1st event 3x 2nd event 3x 3rd event 1x 4th event)

So today's target is


Now, last year when I last saw Umeko I told her that I'm not coming to Japan in 2012. Original plan was to skip going to Japan this year, so that I can go to Japan in 2013 during the 1st gen reunion. Yeah I had that planned since 2011, but apparently when Hellguard when to one of the handshake event earlier this year, Umeko asked him when am I coming to Japan again and she said that she'll be waiting in December. I only met her 4 times in 2011 but she still remembered me even after a few months after that. Now I'm lining up to meet her again after almost exactly 1 year.

So I gave my ticket and when I walked into the booth and our eyes met, her facial expression just changed drastically and there was this really big smile on her face and she was literally screaming out loud "Long time no see!!!" (My friend SA who was lining up behind me said that it was so loud Sakacchi actually prod her head out from her booth to try to see what was going on) I was ready to drop dead at that time, coz I swear I was really happy as hell I think my heart forgot its rhythm. So I asked her how is she and stuff and gave to her my card. I told her that inside that card is also a message from an American fan to her. She clearly looked really surprised and raised both her hands up and said "What!? Are you actually trying to tell me that there are people in America that know about me?" and I said "Of course! Why not! Many people know about you!" Then the staff started telling me that my time is up and I was making my way out and she said to me that she'll treasure the card for sure. So I left the booth and managed to catch a glimpse of Ruka, Kurumin and Ramu on my way out.

Trying to keep up with last year's order, next up is Serina. So yeah again this year I pretended to be a Baka Gaijin and just talked in English with her.

"Hey Serina long time no see!"

"Oh hey~! Hi! Hoo ha woo sea!"

I was really laughing the hell of inside. Didn't have much to talk to her just said good luck to her and gave her the card and told her that a Brazilian fan message is inside the card too. She was very happy by and it and said thank you very much!

So that was 2 ticket used up, 1 more to go. Last one for the 1st event is Reia. I didn't have much expectation because you don't see that many people writing up about handshake event with Reia. Before I go and lined up for her, Hellguard told me to ask her about her weird pinky finger. Its supposed to be really short or something. So yeah I did keep that in mind while I lined up but it was all just for naught XD. It wasn't really "lining" up anyways since there was no one in the line when I went to her. When I gave my handshake ticket to the staff, I could see Reia kind of tried to take a peek to see the staff outside and she was all smiling to see that someone is coming to see her. So I walked into the booth and saw just how excited she was to see someone coming in and then I started to say things in English.

"Hey Reia~! Nice to meet you!"

"Hey~ Aaa~ uu~ Yeay~!"

It was basically similar to Serina but this one is just 100x more adorable.

So I talked to her in Japanese, releasing her from the confusion to come. Told her that I can really see that she's working really hard to fit in the TV show because she really tried to talk more on the show now. She was so happy to hear it and thanked me non-stop. When I was leaving the booth, she peered out a bit and waved me goodbye.

So that was the end of the 1st event. 3 cards down, 4 more to go.

There was another 30 minutes to go before the 2nd handshake event begins, so we decided to take some time to go and grab some lunch and to cool our self down. I was already too excited then, wasn't really talking much to the guys as we walked to the nearest 7 eleven because I just can't seem to get that "Long time no see!!!" out of my head. So I told the rest of the team that I'm getting another 5 ticket. I guess I was just high that time XD

So after we had our lunch, Hellguard realized that mura_ne from twitter is in the vicinity so I decided to tweet him to invite him to join us at the hall. Which we did meet in the end. Last year, I tried to meet Mura_ne at the Jukuhachi live but we didn't really get the chance as he didn't managed to get a ticket in but luckily this year managed to meet him at last. To those who aren't familiar with @mura_ne he's an idolinger from the 1st gen era most probably and always do twitcasting from various idol events. So we met him and thanked him for the various twitcasting he did and then begins the 2nd session.

So as an obligatory visit, the first one is to see Umeko. This time around I gave her a few souvenirs from Malaysia and just made a small chat for as much as I could and gets pushed away.

Next up was Ruka. So I went up to her said my hi and told her about SuzukiRyo. Said that she has a big fan over in Indonesia and he wanted me to give this message to her *gave her the card* she replied with a really big smile and said thank you very much and then time was up. She was a whole lot more cuter in person though and less chubby than I expected her to be. I guess being on camera do cheat your eyes somewhat.

For the 3rd 2nd session ticket I was supposed to go and meet Asahi, I have a few messages inside my card and a friend of mine from Malaysia gave me a card of his own to give to Asahi. So I entered the hall, with my ticket in my hand and saw the long line for Asahi. There was about 9-10 people lining up, since handshakes just ends in a blink of an eye, I thought it shouldn't take long. But as I started to take my step to line up I just realized that, if I line up for Asahi, Umeko can clearly see me lining up for the next booth! Asahi's booth that day was just next to Umeko's. That was NOT something that I would want to be caught doing at all XD

So I walked out of the hall... Meet SA and gave him my ticket and all my cards that is supposed to be given to Asahi. He kindly enough wade through the sea of fans and delivered the letter. According to his report Asahi was really surprised to hear that it was a letter from overseas fan and was very delighted by it.

Now that 2nd session is done and I got myself an additional 5 tickets, (2x 3rd session, 3x 4th session) we just hung out at the lobby while waiting for the 3rd session to start

Obligatory 1st visit to Umeko~ chatted about stuff. wahahah.

Next was meeting Kurumin! Well it was pretty exciting to go and line up for her, because she is really awesome on TV. When it was finally my turn and I said my hi and usual greetings and card message and stuff. She was kind of a bit blur of the situation at that time or maybe it was just fatigue. So it was more "normal" than I expected.

Now next one on the list was Gotou Kaoru. As expected from the handshake event monster the line for her was horrendous~ not only the line but also her booth is right next to Asahi. Which means lining up for her would make me visible to Umeko. So, nope, I gave my ticket to Hellguard and asked him to go and see Kaorun instead. XD. Further report on this encounter, need to refer to Mr. Hellguard on it.

With this, my list is already comple and I still have a bunch of tickets to go. So it was basically spamming your favorite idol time.

Next one was Reia again. So I didn't go and see her during the 2nd session, and when I popped in the booth she was so happy. Well it could be because there aren't that many people who lined up for her today, but meh what does it matter, I felt like a Santa Clause that day for being able to see her smile that broadly. So we chatted a bit, I asked her about the card just now whether she can read it. She was like "Yes I tried... but English is..." and being the baka gaijin I am, "You got to learn more English Reia~" and she was like "I'll do my best~!"

Final ticket for the session was to see Umeko again. Gave her a few more stuff, including a bag which I bought for her.

After that is done, we rested a bit while waiting for the fourth session and I just realized the problem that I'm going to face in the 4th session. I only have 4 tickets, which means that I cannot go and see Reia 2 times because that would make Reia as an equal to Umeko! Might sound really silly but yeah I was really troubled by that, realizing my worry Hellguard offered me a ticket. haha thanks man! So with that it's a 3 trip to Umeko and 2 trip to Reia~ Yippe~~

When the 4th session was about to start. I just realized something. I couldn't find the Malaysian postcard I bought and wrote for Reia. I really searched my bag for it and it was just not there... Then it came to me, I accidentally put the postcard inside the bag I bought for Umeko! I mean like... WHAT!!! HELL NO!!! What the hell did I just do!!! I was meaning to give Umeko a postcard on the 4th session, but now with that it's already a huge party bloopers already! Not only it would mean that I didn't give her a card yet but it also means that I'm a fan of Reia too~ TT_TT

Putting that aside, I just walk in to see Umeko to give her, her own postcard which I wanted to give. Maybe because I was panicking, or maybe my Japanese wasn't clear enough but she didn't really get the idea that there's a wrong postcard in her bag. Or maybe she just hasn't opened it yet. I don't know. However, something unexpected happened, when I gave her the postcard she was so happy about it and told me that she collects postcards. Now, this is a girl that voted yes for my character is strictly business I told myself, but nah what does it matter? haha

Next was the 2nd last meeting with Reia, so I went to her and asked her whether is she okay or not? Because she looked like she's having a flu or something. Which she did say yes, so I told her to take care of herself because its really cold out there. Then suddenly out of nowhere

"Can you speak Malaysian language?"

"Um, yeah I can"

"Oh wow!"




and I was pushed away. We were looking at each other after she asked the question both not knowing what to say next until the staff pushed me away. That totally took me off guard.

So next up was Umeko again~

I was basically complaining to her this time~ lol. I was bugging her about when are they going to release the goods for Ruri Umeko Nandemo Yarimasuka? And before I left, I took out all the postcards I brought and asked her to choose one.

Next is Reia for the last time. Now that last question really took me off guard so this time I was a bit more prepared. So I went into the booth and she said Hi again~

"Can you please say something in Malay?"

"Alright sure~ Apa khabar? (how are you)"

Then she was like "Woooowwwww!"

"Can you say it?"

"Apa kaba!" (gawd that was one of the most adorable "how are you" in malay I've ever heard)

"Cool! That's great! Khabar baik (I'm fine thank you~)

"Kaba Baifufushimmmshimu!" (Moe level... too HIGH!!)

So yeah I said my goodbyes to her and wished her luck on Shinahachi in 2 days to come. Told her that I'll be coming to watch her in that show and then I left.

Now is the last visit to Umeko. Well I didn't really do small chat so much, was basically busing saying my goodbyes and how much I wanted to see her perform on the shinahachi live but I couldn't because I'll be leaving Japan already. And when the staff started to push me out..

"Umeko~ remember! Don't you dare graduate yet!"

"Owh! Roger that!"

With that, I end my Idoling handshake event.

The TGS Budoukan live made me feel that the trip was already worth it, this handshake event makes this trip worth double the amount of effort I put into coming already. The first meeting with Umeko was already enough to sum up my happiness for the whole week, that "Long time no see!" will forever be imprinted in my mind forever.

So I went back early because tomorrow... Tomorrow is going to be another crazy day I told myself. Tomorrow is Momoiro Clover Z - Xmas Live in Saitama Super Arena.



  1. Hi,I'm Umeko-Oshi lived in Tokyo, Japanese.
    Your report is so great.

    1. owh~! Another Umeko-oshi! Awesome ww! Thank you very much for reading, I really did have a great time that day.

      Umeko is such a nice girl TT_TT