Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sakura Gakuin - Wonderful Journey

Throughout last January and February I was pretty much bombed by Sakura Gakuin. A friend of mine passed to me their Graduation DVD live and it was more pleasing that I thought it would be. While I did buy their 1st Album before this but due to lack of discussion on Sakura Gakuin and my own lack of visit to torrent sites/info sites that discusses about various idol groups, I had no idea about their PVs and whatsoever. Now I'm a bit more alert since this group just proves to be really interesting and I'm starting to get attached to the members bit by bit.

Now, Wonderful Journey is AWESOME! Not only you get to hear the girls speak in various languages, the lyric and PV is drop dead cute! The scene where Moa+Yui played with the globe killed me billions of time and Raura's prideful look when introduced as a president are a win! It's really back to basic, childish fun. Which is actually really refreshing now because almost everyone is going for that Matured/Stylish image. Just look at Hello Project, I've totally lost for words in regards to H!P now. Even MCZ is going a bit matured now... Sigh.. I don''t want any of them to grow up (lol) Heck even Idoling!!!'s song is slowly going matured by their own standard.

Anyways, I''ve been repeating this PV for like... 50 Hours non-stop? It's a good song with a really good PV.  Hopefully Sakura Gakuin would keep going this way because I don't need all idols group to be all matured and sexy, otherwise I'll run to miniature bears.

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