Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Momoiro Clover Z - Neo Stargate PV

So a new MCZ PV is already out and the title is Neo Stargate. Here are a few of my thoughts on the PV

1. I find it interesting that KWKM is in the PV and he clearly mentions the about the next step after Kouhaku. Though the answer is just "Love", but it just sets up the group for their next big step. If there's anything about MCZ is that their goals are clear to the fans and not just some Oricon rank goal. Now that Kouhaku is cleared, next up is that Olympic stadium!

2. Music is cool, I absolutely love the bridge and the chorus part. However, what's with the thing about adding electronics to idol songs lately? Everyone wants to be a perfume wannabe now...

3. I don't really see any clear chanting parts for this song TT_TT its going to be another song that you're just standing there and enjoying it. Not so hyper on this one. In this department, it isn't very MCZ for me... If there's anything that I love about MCZ is the chanting because their chant are so much fun.

4. Momoka clearly gained weight lol. I guess a few months of rest adds a few pounds to that little frame of hers. But she's still adorable~ <3

5. I love the solo parts in this song,

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