Saturday, January 21, 2012

Meeting Umeko, Serina and Hii-chan, part 1

So last december I was in Japan,and I was really hoping for a countdown live which i never got. However the trip was not for naught when i saw the announcement for the handshake event for 24th and 25th December. Since i just arrived on the 23rd and already had plans for the 24th, I skipped the event that day (had to bring my friends around in Tokyo and there's a TGS on the 24th in the evening)On the 25th morning, i headed out to Odaiba and met a fellow idolinger Hellguard just outside Wangan Studio. It was freaking cold and I'm still not used to winter.

There was a whole bunch of people lining up outside and there was a counter where you write down your pre-order list of MAMORE. Hellguard helped me by allowing me to use his address for the PO and i got myself 3 copies, 2 for the 1st session and 1 for the 2nd session. Since i arrived pretty late, Hellguard ushered me in first because the 1st session was going to end soon.

I kind of entered through the wrong entrance and was basically freaking out coz man, I'm about to handshake with Umeko! I mean like, this is my first handshake event ever and I've been having her as a favorite for about 3 years plus already and now is the time to finally meet the real deal! On the night before that, I prepared 2 letters and a drawing for her. Cause normally from what i heard you don't really get a long time to talk with the girl during a handshake and a letter would do the trick to explain more things, and its basically just 1 letter since one is in english and the other is in japanese, translating the other.

So there I was standing in line, waiting for my first turn to meet her. I originally planned to go and greet her in English just for a reaction sake and to confirm myself as a non-japanese, but none of that came to light when the staff took my ticket and ushered me into the booth. She is really pretty... A whole thinner than you see on TV too... So i was readying myself to say 'hi there umeko' in English but she said 'arigatou gozaimasu to me first! That kind of taken my tempo away for a while and then i shook her hands and realized i dont want to speak to her in English because that would be a waste of time, better for me to just get the message through. So i told her that I came all the way from Malaysia to meet her and to my surprise she said that she had been to Malaysia before. Apparently during her school trip they went to both Malaysia and Singapore. And then it hit me thats why she said Malaysia was her favorite country during one of helf self into back then. Umeko was really awesome, she talks really kind to everyone and when i realised just how lucky i am to meet the girl I kind of felt touched that my eyes are getting a bit wet and i just wanted to wipe my eyes and then she screamed 'please don't cry!' that was cute as hell and then the staff wanted to push me away so i handed her my 2 letters before i left.

Then i went to line up for the 2nd handshake, when I got into the booth she greeted me 'hi again' and that totally made my day at that moment. so i gave her my drawing inside an envelopt and i told her that i was the guy in the youtube video that the staff showed her 2 years ago and before i know it the was already pushing me away.

Me and hellguard went to the convenience store after that had some lunch while waiting for the next session. I was already in cloud9 since this is like the peak of my fanboy days, to finally meet her for the first time. On the 2nd session thebplan was to go and meet Serina.

Since i already have the experience, this i went through the correct gate XD, Serina's line had so few people it was.a breeze getting into the line. Since i was too nervous meeting Umeko, I thought, let's play the foreigner act with Serina. Staff took my ticket, and i said to her 'hello there Serina' Her eyes light up and you can see her panic mode triggered. She went like 'thank you thank you! but I cant speak english.... Sorry sorry...' That was freaking cute so i didn't have the heart to bully the kid so i told her that i can speak japanese actually so dont worry. She asked me where did i come from, i told her i'm from Malaysia and then the staff pushed me out. what really surprised me was, as i was going out from the booth, she was waving me goodbye and when i was out from her line of sight she actually poked her head out to see me off and then she said 'I love you!' in English. I was whoa! girl, you intend to give me heart attack or something. That was really nice of her.

So i went outside to meet with Hellguard who came back from seeing Ruka,apparently Umeko was talking to the other members about me during the interval between the sessions. So when Hellguard when to see Ruka she thought that Hellguard was me (coincidetally, both of us are from Malaysia. had no idea about this before i met him in person) Then hellguard gave me a ticket and insisted on me taking it.

I had no idea who to go to after that so i decided to go and see Hii-chan. Hii had even less people than serina. Since i had no idea what to talk about, i dedicated this one for fellow friend Suzukiryo. She was extremely delighted to know that she has a fan in Indonesia and that made me happy too because she looked so tired before that and when she light up with a smile that was awesome.

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