Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Idoling 799

Idoling!!! - 2011.10.12 #799 
Soft Sub

Alright here we go, 799 done. A little bit messy of a subbing this time around.
  • Too many cross talking
  • Whispers and unclear words
  • Too much play on words
But I guess, its okay this time around. Masuno is just messing around with the girls non-stop. But it is that quality that made him awesome. I used to like AKB before but I could never get into Bad Boys. Takada Junji was a lot of fun but his appearance was short lived. Masuno might be acting that he has a barrier and stuff with Idoling!!! but any Daiba no Koi Monogatari would definitely tell you otherwise. Lately him beating the hell out of Umeko was also a show just how close he is to the girls. It is so awesome, Idoling!!! I can't never get enough of them

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